What brings YOU pleasure? Have you ever stopped to consider YOUR pleasure? It is so easy to consider and tend to the pleasure and joy of others and leave ourselves last on the list. We grow up with the saying, ‘It is better to give than to receive.’ It is time to flip that script! It is time to receive pleasure WITH joy!

Michelle L’amour is thrilled to present her newest project, InToPleasure, a full day of pleasure! She has gathered a brilliant theme of pleasure experts from a wide range of fields that are ready to share their knowledge so you can leave this event feeling confident about your own pleasure pursuits. So what better way to explore and experience pleasure, than to share it!

We can derive pleasure from many things: food, drink, a sunset, a warm bed, the soft glow of a candle, the unconditional love of a pet, a lover’s touch and even our own touch. Knowing how to access your pleasure and joy is empowering.

On March 20th, we will immerse ourselves in pleasure. We will learn from experts about sexuality, sensuality, and play. Join us for a full day of activities, or pick and choose your pleasure a la carte. Each class is $25 or you can take the full day of FIVE classes for $97! Pleasurable savings!

Each class will feature a presentation and a Q&A with each instructor. Classes will be recorded if you cannot attend live.

InToPleasure is a womxn’s only event.

CLASS SCHEDULE – scroll down to learn more about the class, the instructor and to register. (All times PST) Register for 3 or more classes and receive a digital swag bag from our promotional sponsors.

FULL DAY OF PLEASURE 9am-4:15pm – Dr. Shannon Chavez, Cora Harrington, Dirty Lola, Isabella Sinclaire and Michelle L’amour

THE TALK 9am-10:15am – Dr. Shannon Chavez

LINGERIE ADDICT 10:30am-11:45am – Cora Harrington

TOY BOX 12pm-1:15pm – Dirty Lola from Shag

PRACTICAL KINK 1:30pm-2:45pm – Isabella Sinclaire

COME TOGETHER 3pm-4:15pm – Michelle L’amour

FULL DAY (save $28) 9am-4:15pmDigital swag bag included

InToPleasure is proud to work with Momotaro Apotheca, Shag: A Sexy Shop, Burlesque Galaxy, Vegas Dance Hub, Lips Social, An Occasional Male and Look Down There. All participants registered for 3 classes or more will receive a digital swag bag that includes goodies from some of our promotional sponsors.

Dr. Shannon Chavez, PsyD, CST: The TALK

March 20th 9-10:15am PST (recording will be made available)

Whether your parents gave you “the talk” or you learned a bit in health class, you were left with so many questions! I am here to give you ‘the talk’ you wish you had. We will cover sexual anatomy, understanding desire and arousal, and asking for what you want when it comes to your pleasure. I will provide the tools you need to feel confident, communicate and take charge of your body and mind. The more you know about your sexuality, the more empowered you will feel to pursue your pleasure. Q&A after the presentation. Ask me anything! For womxn only.


Save $28





Dr. Shannon Chavez is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist with a private practice, SHAPE (Sexual Health and Pleasure Enhancement) Center in Beverly Hills, California where she provides individual and couples therapy, sex and relationship coaching, and workshops on sexual health and wellness. Her work focuses on adult sex education, integrating sexuality and spirituality, and sexual discovery towards personal growth. She frequently appears on national news, radio, and media as a sexual health expert. 

Cora Harrington: The Lingerie Addict

March 20th 10:30am – 11:45am PST (recording made available)

Bras, corsets, knickers, garters, stockings and more! Lingerie is a gateway to sensuality. Colors, patterns, the way the fabric drapes on your skin, the exquisite details of lace and fastenings. Lingerie is for everyBODY at every price point. Learning what I know will take away the mystery and intimidation: the types of underpinnings, how to shop, and how to care for your pieces so they last as long as possible. Is there something you are dying to know? Bring your questions to the Q&A. For womxn only.


Save $28





Cora Harrington is the Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict, the world’s leading lingerie magazine, as well as the author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. She is an internationally-recognized expert in the field of intimate apparel, having been quoted in or written as a columnist for publications like The New York Times, Elle, Allure, Glamour, The New Yorker, NPR, The Wall Street Journal, Teen Vogue, The Root, and Jezebel. Her mission is to make the intimidating world of lingerie accessible, understandable, and fun for people of all sizes, shapes, races, and gender identities. Cora is currently planning her second book, a more intensive “deep dive” into the lingerie industry.  

Photo by Bao Ngo

Dirty Lola: Toy Box

March 20th 12-1:15pm PST(recording made available)

One takes on many roles when working in a sex shop: confidante, personal shopper, and guide – which is the most rewarding for me. I relish the opportunity to help folks seek their pleasure.Whether it’s your very first time out or your fiftieth, shopping for sex toys can be overwhelming. There are so many products on the market right now that choosing one that’s right for you can be daunting, I will guide you to finding the pleasure products that work for you, the different styles of sex toys, what they do and how they can bring your body pleasure. For womxn only.


Save $28





Dirty Lola is a sex edutainer, speaker, and self-proclaimed dildo slinger. Known for her live sex ed Q&A show Sex Ed A Go-Go and as co-host of New York Magazine’s The Cut’s “Sex Probz” web series, Lola has spent almost a decade working to end stigma and shame surrounding sex and sexuality. Having started her journey sharing personal discoveries with polyamory and kink online, Lola now uses her knowledge, warm candor, and public platforms to teach the masses in-person and to rapt Internet audiences.

Isabella Sinclaire: Practical Kink

March 20th 1:30-2:45pm PST (recording will be made available)

Interested in kink but don’t know where to start? Do you think YOU could be kinky? We’ll discuss archetypes and role plays for use in kink and BDSM, power exchange scenarios, discussion consent and informed consent and manifesting the perfect scene.  You will also learn essential do’s and don’ts to help shape your ideal playtime.  During the Q&A you can harvest information from a seasoned professional with over 27 years experience.  Have your questions ready! For womxn only.


Save $28





Isabella Sinclaire has been a professional dominatrix and educator since 1993.  She has appeared on numerous tv shows, lectured in universities and hosted seminars/weekend intensives.  She is a pillar in her community and thrived to bring awareness and empowerment to anyone interested in exploring BDSM in a safe, sane and consensual way. 

Michelle L’amour: Come Together

March 20th 3-4:15pm PST (recording will be made available)

We will finish this exquisite event on a body high. I will take you through a sensual movement and touch meditation. Please wear something that inspires your pleasure and set the scene. Have candles, pillows, massage oil, towels and a hand mirror near by. The movement will be very gentle and focused on listening to YOUR YES. Leave your judgment of self behind and come ready to explore. For womxn only.


Save $28





Michelle L’amour is an international burlesque star and empowerment advocate. She is the creator of InToPleasure and Pu$$y Confidence. She has been featured on America’s Got Talent, MTVs Amazingness and Sex Life on the Epix Network. She believes in life, liberty and the pursuit of pleasure.

Photo by Tigz Rice


Clear your schedule on March 20th and make way for pleasure! This is easily the best deal of 2021. Take all 5 classes with these pleasure experts and leave with all the knowledge to chase your pleasure dreams!

Join Dr. Shannon Chavez, Cora Harrington – The Lingerie Addict, Dirty Lola, Isabella Sinclaire and Michelle L’amour in this safe space for womxn to explore your desires. Classes will be recorded if you cannot attend live. A limited number of these passes are available, so don’t pleasure delay, register NOW for only $97! Full schedule below. For womxn only.

9-10:15am PST – The TALK with Dr. Shannon Chavez

10:30-11:45am PST – Lingerie Addict with Cora Harrington

12-1:15pm PST – Toy Box with Dirty Lola

1:30-2:45pm PST – Practical Kink with Isabella Sinclaire

3-4:15pm PST – Come Together with Michelle L’amour


Come to all five exquisite workshops and save $28