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April 2, 2022

Pleasure requires intimate self knowledge and refined perception of desire necessitates that we be present to each moment, bringing full awareness that life is continually moving.

The Book of Courtesans by Susan Griffin

What brings YOU pleasure? Have you ever stopped to consider YOUR pleasure? It is so easy to consider and tend to the pleasure and joy of others and leave ourselves last on the list. We grow up with the saying, ‘It is better to give than to receive.’ It is time to flip that script! It is time to receive pleasure WITH joy!

Michelle L’amour is thrilled to present her newest project, InToPleasure, a full day of pleasure! She has gathered a brilliant theme of pleasure experts from a wide range of fields that are ready to share their knowledge so you can leave this event feeling confident about your own pleasure pursuits. So what better way to explore and experience pleasure, than to share it!

We can derive pleasure from many things: food, drink, a sunset, a warm bed, the soft glow of a candle, the unconditional love of a pet, a lover’s touch and even our own touch. Knowing how to access your pleasure and joy is empowering.

On April 2nd, we will immerse ourselves in pleasure. We will learn from experts about sexuality, sensuality, and play. Join us for a full day of activities, or pick and choose your pleasure a la carte. Each class is $25 or you can take the full day of FIVE classes for $97! Pleasurable savings!

Each class will feature a presentation and a Q&A with each instructor. Classes will be recorded if you cannot attend live.

InToPleasure is for all women and marginalized genders.

CLASS SCHEDULE – Click on the class title to learn more about the class, the instructor, and to register


9am – 4:15pm PST with Dr. Shannon Chavez, Cora Harrington, Dirty Lola, Isabella Sinclaire, and Michelle L’amour!


9-10:15am PST with Dr. Shannon Chavez

Lingerie Addict

10:30-11:45am PST with Cora Harrington

Toy Box

12-1:15pm PST with Dirty Lola from Shag

Practical Kink

1:30-2:45pm PST with Isabella Sinclaire

Come Together

3-4:15pm PST with Michelle L’amour