Digital Gift Bag – Available to those registered for 3 or more classes

We are thrilled to partner with these great companies and bring your EVEN MORE PLEASURE! (All codes will be sent via email to attendees).

Momotaro Apotheca offers safe and natural vulvo-vaginal care. You will receive a 10% discount to use on any of their products and be entered in a raffle to win a bundle of goodies. You can learn more about them in episode 3 of Look Down There.

SHAG, has been operating in Brooklyn since 2009. The store is a space free of judgment for your unique sexual identity, an environment built on mutual respect, where all can feel welcome to discover tools and accessories to support a variety of fantasies and desires. Shag is offering you 20% off any purchase $50 or more.

Get a FREE intro class from S Factor NYC!

Receive a 20% discount off ‘In Intimate Detail’ and a free print from the Lingerie Addict!

Bonus! Join Michelle L’amour on March 19th at 6pm PST for a pleasure centering exercise that will prepare your body, mind and soul for InToPleasure on the 20th.

Receive a free copy of An Occasional Man, a digital zine by pin up photographer, Bettina May.

Receive a free copy of Lips Zine, an alternative digital zine for for women, lgbtq+ community. Expression w/o hate or biased censorship

Vegas Dance Hub is home to dance instructors from all of you favorite shows on the strip. You will receive a free class of your choice.

Receive $50 off the next session of Pussy Confidence with Michelle L’amour.

The first 10 people to register for 3 or more classes will receive a ticket to Season 1 of The Big Sh’Bang on Burlesque Galaxy!

The first 20 people to register for 3 classes or more will receive a free copy of Michelle L’amour’s UNCEN$ORED quarantine compilation, featuring all 10 of her acts made in quarantine plus 2 BONUS videos.