Lief and Icarus: Bound

April 2nd 2-3:15pm PST (recording will be made available)

If you’ve ever been curious about the seductive art of rope bondage then this class is for you. Lief Bound and Icky are a queer and trans tying couple living, teaching, and performing rope bondage in Los Angeles, CA. In this class, Lief will teach basic knots and tensions and demonstrate how you can use them to create an incredible experience for your partner. We will also discuss basic consent, negotiation, and risk when playing with rope. The class will include demos of what rope can look like and is geared towards beginners. Hopefully you will leave this class inspired to get knotty with your partner!

It is not required for you to have rope but if you would like to purchase some rope, consider We recommend getting a natural fiber robe, but if you have an allergy to jute or hemp, check out a MFP synthetic rope from

If you decide to purchase rope, you should also purchase EMT safety shears which are sold on both sites.


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Lief has been a rope Switch for 9 years. They got their start in the Boston rope scene attending monthly rope jams in college. They have  attended many conventions including Fetish Fair Flea, Bound in Boston, Wicked Women, FIRE, and Kinky Con. These large scale events gave them a broad rope education that influenced their early rope heavily.

Once moving to Los Angeles in 2018, they started teaching rope and had the opportunities to teach at TieHaus in Long Beach, Devil Mask Society in Downtown LA, and Vox Body in Oakland. 

“Rope is everything to me. I think about it all the time. It inspires me, it makes me feel safe, it makes me feel seen, it makes me feel strong, it makes me feel connected. I want to share that passion with as many people as I can. I feel like as a queer and trans person I represent a rope top that we don’t see often but need to see more of in a leadership role and I am so ready to take that on with respect and grace. 

Emotion inspires me. Genuine connection inspires me. Trust inspires me.  I generally love to teach classes surrounding an idea or emotion. where rope is the connection between two people. Where rope helps create a feeling, elicit an emotion. I want rope to help people go deeper emotionally, connect with authentically. “